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Infuse Video is a platform that lets people build automated and personalized on-demand video experiences.

Treat video segments like paragraphs of text, change and update them, and define how they are used in one or multiple videos.

Define programmatically and just-in-time what a video should look like for an individual viewer. We'll stream exactly that to them in real time.

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Product Features


Define your content using Tags, your audiences using Personas, and let our Decision Engine do the hard work. Or use your own code to decide.

Decision engine
Use our rule based and AI engine to determine how to personalize content.
Bring your own
Or connect to our API and use JSON to define individual streams.
Introducing Smart Video

Complex segment-based content is hard to handle efficiently because production and distribution workflows are separate. We fixed that.

Segment Re-use
Use and re-use audio and video elements in multiple videos and streams.
Elements are language-aware, simplify the creation of multilingual content.
Real Time

Streams on Infuse Video are created in real time, allowing developers to use real time data to define what the video looks like.

High-End quality
The same streaming standards used by Netflix and Disney+.
High performance CDN and Edge
Maximum performance and uptime using Tier-1 CDN partners.

Information overload?

If your video isn't relevant, viewers will zone out or churn.
They might miss the parts you don't want them to miss.
Icon of person speaking.

Content Segments can be created in multiple languages. Moving your segments around preserves their translated versions. Translations can be both audio and video.

Icon of multiple devices

By using data such as device, location,  connection, time-of-day, you can adapt content to the user's context, showing the message that's the best fit.

Icon of paint palette

Assign different versions of Content Segments to different audiences. And define audiences using our Audience Definition Tool.

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