Video is ripe for change.

Infuse Video enables businesses to create dynamic video experiences,
increasing audience reach through immersive personalization and localization.

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Why Infuse Video.

We are not just launching another video platform. We are building the future of video.

After having been in the industry for decades, we recognize that we've hit the limit of problems we can solve with the capabilities of today's video technology.

Today's concept of video is outdated: it depends on rendering, exporting and uploading big files. Making new versions or updates means going through all of these steps again.

This stifles both creativity and innovation. There is a lot of value to unlock.

Unlocked Value.

It's hard to overstate the value that is unlocked by changing the foundation of video.

Organizations already working with multiple versions of video can save immense amounts of time by adopting a system in which change is native.

Not yet using multiple versions but planning to? By speaking your audience's language and being mindful of their needs, you can accelerate audience growth and engagement.

We have carefully designed our platform to support both traditional video and deeply personalized dynamic content. Whatever your plans are in the future, we've got you covered, and we can speed up your plans by months of not years, saving some serious development costs.

Core to
the foundation of Infuse Video
Is it good?

Low friction for our customers and users is always top-of-mind for every decision we make.


We cannot lead if no-one else is following: we spearhead open standards for dynamic video.


Because "real-time" solves many developer problems it is integral to our approach.


Our tech is up to 10X more energy efficient. We strive for more and offset our emissions.


DEI is important in both our company culture and in product decisions we make; people first.


We work together with great ecosystem partners, integrating their services into our platform.

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